Lost my camera; Found my camera

I lost my camera and soon after found my camera a while back and started to write this:

I’ve lost my camera.
About a month ago I had it.
It must be in the house.
It must be in my room..
I usually am so careful with the camera and lenses.
Three lenses, one camera.
The day I might have lost the camera I was thinking more about my dog than photos.
This past month.

It was found (many months back now).
Just where it always is.
Same exact place I always put it.
I had to dig for it under a few things.

My hairbrushes were found where I often look.

Red squirrels hide nuts all in one place.
Grey squirrels hide nuts all over the place.
(outdoors that is).
(or so it is said – I don’t really know, though I see the grey squirrels hiding their nuts and climbing to nests, and I see the red squirrels on their middens).

My dog used to dig a lot.
I’ve never seen her hide anything.
She tells me much.
I don’t understand all.

Why does she stand where walls join together?
A quietness of waves?
And dive under chairs, circling.
Outmaneuvering something invisible.
Telling me about the problem.
What is it?
A question mark is wavy.

After the anti-inflammatory she was able to be in the room at rest.
She got better with an anti-biotic and an anti-inflammatory.  Though we all know that anti-biotics destroy both the bad and the good,
whether on the skin,
or in the body.

Better nutrition and probiotics are central to health.
Our dog still dives under chairs now and again, sometimes napping;
She does not have a cage to call her own, but I’ve been wondering if cages break up radio waves.
“Does anyone have any of those websites up” is an important question
most days
about  websites that are big, or political and big, or any such seeking (?) site.
Sometimes at night she wakes up
(she used to wake up when a neighbor did, early morning
but suddenly remarking that, like good Serendipity in reverse,
now and again
maybe mostly busy town weekends
she sometimes wakes up hour by hour all night
and that is creepy
the whatever
The past two nights we’ave slept on the floor
because it helps.
does the Earth shield upwards?
Can’t sleep on the ceiling like the spiders, but the ceiling might not shield.  If there are ceiling hammocks, zzz, ouch, helmet for a nightcap.
No helmet – hang like a bat;  that is just silly, but practical too – nobody would bump their heads as might happen in a ceiling hammock).
Where are the bats?
I saw one yesterday, not quite dusk.
Maybe there will be as many someday as there were three years ago, or was it four years ago, or five already?).