other sites that show some of Sarah’s art and writing

“Intorecipes.com” is one project made over the last few years to have a place to explore visually and through writing, plants, plant and animal communities, and food.

My first portfolio I liked very much, and learned to write some code to make it, also using a code editor, but then some updates I worked on I did not achieve, and the site ceased to show online properly or some aspects of it at all. Here it is though, my first site, and I am yet very fond of it though it is now simplified – it includes a hyperlink to the .net website. I still hope to one day get this site running properly again.

(and I also began a site called recipetorecipe.com, before intorecipes.com, however, that site I have never been certain that I will continue with it, as after thinking of a concept, finding that the domain was available that was a match to the concept, being so excited about it, and beginning to develop the site, I then discovered that there is a great Facebook fresh food blog with the same name).


For art made by Sarah in paint, pencil, charcoal, watercolor, glass, and other media or mixed media please see the links in the navigation bar above, and under the “with” – ( “animals, humans”, “water”, “rainbows”, and “plants, earth, rocks” ).

Possible changes that have occurred in documentation from works to the photographs of the works:

1. cropping: The majority of the photographs of the drawings and paintings are cropped to a little ways beyond the work’s edges or someplace in the surrounds of the work. If cropped down into the work, that is written in a caption.

2. color changes/alteration: The color might not be absolutely exact from original to the photograph (due to camera, lighting, surroundings, photographer). Having said that, there are a few that have been further altered/photoshopped with additional changes/layers, and that is written into the captions – for example, there are two photographs of people paintings (one is my own self portrait), that have been worked on further with color added digitally onto the digital image in photoshop.

3. leveled: Some of the photographs of two-dimensional works were taken with a camera mounted to a tripod, and the works set level on a wall, and they did not need straightening in any direction. However, some works have been set on the wall without a level, or even placed on the floor, a ladder next to them, camera in hand (no tripod), and for the latter, when the photographs are being prepared, are usually re-angled within the plane they reside most in (such as the plane of the wall), until the bottom edges of both work and photograph of work are co-linear, or seem justified. Some might have a very slightly altered perspective, but that has been left as photographed.

Any questions, please see “About” for how to contact me.

There is no art for sale at the moment. Thank you.

Packaging design

About 25 years ago, or probably 30,  someone told me they were studying packaging design.  Packaging design? Over the years, I’ve realized the great importance of this profession ecologically and the potential of it sculpturally and visually.

I’ve not much more to say about it, as I am not a package designer.  A thought about yogurt though:
Fruit is about perfectly packaged.
Gifts are sometimes beautifully packaged.
Small yogurt containers are like a cross between fruit and a gift, a peal-able and colorful fruit-sized repurpose-able dairy present (though large containers of yogurt have handy lids and more servings).
That might not be very remarkable, however, life is, in part because of the accumulation of great and known yet also the almost unnoticed details, unremarkable that can become extraordinary.
Accumulation of weathered sands, of oxygen-giving algaes, of steps,
of hand-shakes, of root matrices.
Yogurt cups do not stack up to those earth builders no matter if stacked and recycled (but they have import).
Palm-sized yogurt containing containers are a treat,
containing  goodness for all meals.


Here is a sketch that reminds me of this poem. The sketch was done many years ago in a workshop with S. Wolf at the Little Church Theatre, NH.

Recent works – June, 2019

Moon within color.


The moon in the photo above is within the yellow and green stripes. between the reds and blues (as for my part, it was neither a photo taken with politics in mind, nor a photo posted with politics in mind.  Its December, and I’m editing this post a bit, and it is nonetheless so that those colors are between red and blue).    A rainbow and a moon together is beautiful – is it the sun and the moon aligned?

Photographs  – have taken some photographs, such as the one above in preparation for paintings (photo above, no editing – I will lighten the trees perhaps – it is a photo of a rainbow and the moon and clouds and the trees, a story of the rainbow and the moon and clouds [and the trees?]).

(New paintings, once made, will be posted on this first page).

I’ve also been doing some writing about art, and food, and have begun writing some stories (having twenty plus years ago begun a book about children’s stories and landscape design).

ONE STORY IS AROUND ABOUT A BOAT, a boat once sunk or placed into a lake (yet unillustrated).

THERE IS A STORY ABOUT A MOTH, and how it camouflaged itself!

(THERE IS ALSO A STORY ABOUT A BAT, if I can remember it – I did not write it down – and unfortunately, the experience and therefore the words, might not come back to me – and that is sad – I should have shared it immediately.  It begins something like this.

A door was opened onto a dark porch, and in came an insect, drawn by the light, and a  bat followed it.
It is not known if the bat ate the insect, but they are good at catching them.
The bat flew past the person who opened the door, and a few more, and no-one saw or heard it until later.
It winged around the living room, looking for a way back outside.
Then it was tired, and it slept for a while, on the stone face of a fireplace, something like the stone face of a cliff.

It winged around the dining room, looking for a way outside.
It climbed up the stairs (that is, climbed in elevation, winging its way up)
Up to the attic bedroom, looking for a way outside.

….and so forth, to be continued.

Links to the stories will be added.