Color Study, at the suggestion of workshop instructor Michael Doyle

Know Your Colors:
The first three photos below were made from life, in a field and woods in Tamworth, New Hampshire, in a workshop with Michael Doyle.

Color swatches like this are suggested to learn colors, and for reference.  The first oil class I took was with Eleanor Mikus at Cornell University – also an outdoor painting class – and she had us make a color wheel and color swatches as well.

Michael Price who works exclusively in mineral pigments, has made many color swatches of mineral pigments, and his studies can be seen in his books.  For Mineral Pigments, Kremer Pigments also sells swatches of pigments prepared in specific binders.

Sketches can be made from life, or from works in the same media, or other media.
The painting on glass below (yellow is silver stain, from silver actually), was made on glass using as reference drawings made on paper.   The three little lines on the left, were a reminder for me, of three lines of light seen in the sky, though, the other side of the field.  Clouds and light moments.