CONTACT:  Hi, to contact Sarah Sniffen, the artist of the works on this site, please write to fencreststudio@outlook.com, and put “STUDIO” in subject line. Thank you.

ABOUT:  Fencreststudio.net is a WordPress website for Sarah Sniffen. Located in central NH’s lake region, there is water with its many reflections to paint.  This area is in the foothills of mountains the tallest of which is at 6,289 ft. in elevation, in contrast to various lakes in the region which are about 600 to 500 ft. above sea level.  Streams and rivers in this region flow to the Pemigewasset River – where the Winnipesaukee’s river outlet is, is where the Pemi turns into the Merrimack, which flows to the Atlantic Ocean. (Fencreststudio.com is also still the website for Fencrest Studio and Sarah, however, it is in need of significant repair and updating).

I am most interested in painting with earth and mineral pigments.  However, have done work in both oil and acrylics with other pigments (manufactured pigments, generally very finely textured – which might be a positive or a negative depending on preference and expectations).   The palette below I no longer use, but it is colorful, and has an idea in it that is perhaps useful to other artists – it is cut to hold little jars on either side of the arm- and if you make it for yourself, I would be happy to hear about it.

The art works on this website – images, poetry, and text are copyright by Sarah Sniffen – please contact me if you have a project you are considering which is not “fair use”- and for which you would like to reproduce, copy, or make derivative works from my artwork (adaptations of it, which include the full work or detail)  – such as for for-profit projects, and public projects..

An observation on artist’s works from the same location, by different artists:
Artists painting in the same location often have somewhat similar works, and yet, usually different enough (unless made with the same photo, or a photo taken by the same camera at the same location)  that years later, someone unfamiliar with the location and the artists, might not even recognize as being inspired, or painted, by the same location.   There are  probably exceptions though to this observation.

ON THE ART BOX IN THE PHOTO ABOVE:  For the art box, for personal use not for sale, no need to call anyone (except Gary, if looking to have one made by a fine carpentry professional).  For larger projects, please do contact Gary (or I can refer you), or myself. Judson’s Art Outfitters also has great art boxes of many sizes and combinations of features.