A wall might be a very long perch

There is no fake news, only news poorly communicated, mistaken news, or news misheard. News fragmented. News misunderstood.  Fake news might be news incomplete.

A high and large wall keeps people in – can’t go beyond it.
A high and large wall keeps people out – can’t go beyond it.
A high and large wall keeps animals in – can’t go beyond it.
A high and large wall keeps animals out. – can’t go beyond it

llllllllllllllllll———————lll  llllll  llllll  llllll————————–llllll  llllllll  llllllll  lllllll  llllllll  lllllllll  llllllll  lllllll     lllllll     lllllll     llllll  llll———-

(They.  We.)

Lots of material for recycling.

Could build a lot of boats with that steel.
Where would the boats park?

Walls prevent wars (maybe not).  Walls cause wars (maybe not).
What is a wall (a very long perch?).
Grey and white marks from birds.
Graffiti disguises walls, reveals walls, reviles walls.  Can be art.  Saw some being danced to under the bridge.
Walls aren’t made of ice.

The ice caps are not unlike flat walls.
Inhabited ice is melting.
Ice caps turn this paragraph towards
A warming too warm.

Before a cooling too cool?
Snow animals watch their solid water tearing.
Glaciation and melting
We cry.

Amidst 5G seven generations
is not far, and net backwards is unknown.
Will birds still sing their songs the same?

Fake news might be about.
Birds tell each other of a storms approach;
(Listen to the bird said our dog with his head tilted, as a rapid storm passed near.
He was right.)
Heard no little bird say that history is confusing, is interesting, is sometimes upside down.

Heard no little bird say history is history our story all stories bird stories and dog stories
and been there stories and more stories
with see the picture.
I don’t know bird talk.

We don’t know bird talk.
Leave wide pauses in the network. Whole notes..
Nets are not all safe.

(First responders on ground, on air, on the way – know the way,
yet can see
net-waves can be helpful.  .)

There is news undiscussed,
and discussed news not heard
unheard with the rush of time.