Leonardo, Art, Design: a comment – November 2020

My research has given me pause (ongoing) and so mid September 2020 I took the story of Leonardo art and design offline.  It is a story.  The research is not thorough enough, nor have I read period letters from or to Leonardo, for it to be even a historical fiction.  Leonardo might have wanted it told, or might not have.
An even older story also remains untold, only recounted here and there, scattered through fiction and poetry, through song and rhythm, and through science books; carved into sculptures, drawn, painted into paintings.”Let it be” said the Be atles (though their tale was another tale).  Let it be, make it be, let it be, leave it be.  For this story (a tale among no end of tales), there was an end at the start and a start at the start.

There was a renaissance.  Many many years ago people in Europe believed the world was flat (though some of their  relatives from times past might have disagreed).  As flat as the plane made by the parts crossed of the cross, if the vertical is tipped towards the rising sun.  As flat as an imaginary firmament of an xy plane through the cross’ firm horizontal.  As flat as where one soup bowl’s soup is level or when a bird with wings uplifted just so far in glide, glides steady.  Then it was revealed in Renaissance Europe the world was round and some people in earnest started to travel beyond the better known seas. Artists were drawing in perspective.  Biodiversity varied.  Leonardo lived this.

Biodiversity varies from place to place.
For great and small, biodiversity helps (even when it seems it doesn’t) – or so I believe.
Birds of the air, water, and ground.
Cliff dwellers.  Tree dwellers.  Prairie and forest contributors.
We need birds.  Real birds.  Real insects and bats and bears.

Are thoughts on biodiversity
a leap from Leonardo?

Head to tale is not full circle.
The caps are melting
a version of ice.

Knowledge and sentences can be remembered, shared and read more than one way.  Not like the ebb and flow of water, or the growing and shrinking of ice caps.  Though, perhaps the whole of a luminous cold glacier is somehow affected when any part of it evaporates, melts, or accumulates.

nearing wildlife crossing a road or waterway

bands on birds
might itch

and unfreely

May lightening not seek them
nor unwanted waves surround

a grilled cheese veggie sandwich please


to help



bands on boats can be heard from shore and that is good.