Stonehenge was for time. For times. For people outdoors with the solstices.
Stonehenge was for astronomy.
Oh my; oh my quite a sight to see.
Stop the poem.

In stone Stonehenge is the only megalithic monument quite like it. Might it ever or sometimes have been covered with fabric? Like a tent? Like a large translucent domed temporary civic structure providing protection from the elements?  It would take strands of fiber (or mega hides from
hiding animals drawn out of hiding?)

Fabric woven on and on at Stonehenge, on Stonehenge? Or knitted.
Hope it fitted.
That rhymes,
Start the poem.

All (remaining?) fit in an ark.
How many? Not all is known.
The present caps history though history might show through.
The present influences history too.

The ark floated on a quelling killing sea.
We try to keep in balance with diversity.

Tables at Stonehenge,
round or square.
El(k)bows off the table –
Said someone’s Aunt Mable.
(I might have heard that joke before.)